Death 2019-2021

As the name of this collection implies, we are faced with death in close proximity. However, what adds complexity to the work is that according to the artist herself: these clay jars represent her when creating each artwork upon hearing devastating news from around the world. 

As if these are jar burials* that contain her body's cremated ashestransitioning from the visible to an invisible realm enabling us to visit a world with death as its texture. A fluid world like her poetry. 

The world of death, for Maryam Farhang, is the end of the line. A place where the sun is dead and everything is dark, cold and soulless. A world of total inversion in which saints and sinners cannot be told apart. 

Maryam Farhang’s work is her reaction to the inhumane ways of the world, depicting her hatred of the stream of shocking news she encounters time and again.

*Jar burial is a human burial method in which the corpse (cremated) is placed in a clay jar and buried. A common burial method practiced by Parthians in ancient Iran. 

Raoof Dashti