Catch and Stuck

In this series, I was inspired by the idea of “catch and stuck” in Iranian paintings. I was also thinking about the way the Iranian miniaturist were decorating the book. They used some elements which had the role of margins or edges on the Iranian book and miniatures; they were sometimes the main subject as well. “Catch and Stuck” was performing a symbolic role and sometimes it was trying to make a story. 

We can see the subject “catch and stuck” in one of the most familiar images in Iranian art representing a battle of lion and cow; in these images, the cow is a symbol of night, moon and femininity and the lion is a symbol of the day, the sun and masculinity. 

In the ancient ritual “Iran mehr “ and before New Year the cow had been sacrificed to make the people be blessed and to make the land fertile.

Whenever I look at these pictures, I could not find the subject of hunting or victimise in the stories. Otherwise, I see them as a kind of romance and love.